When was the last time you were in your bathroom and the sink water wouldn't drain because of hair stuck in your drain? If you are like millions of Americans, chances are it has happened to you within the last week. If you are like most, you run to the kitchen, grab a toothpick, knife or anything with a sharp edge that will allow you to get the hair dislodged. You then hope you don't scratch your porceline tub, sink or granite just so your drain will allow the water to flow. What a dilema!! No longer.

The Hair Snare was developed for people like you. There is now an effective, safe way to remove hair clogs from your sink, tubs and shower drains. The Hair Snare (TM) does NOT require the use of caustic agents to get the job done. With little effort, your drains will now flow freely.

The Hair Snare is FREE of caustic agents that can harm your pipes or scratch your fine surfaces. No more waiting for the "goop" to go down to see if your drain will work again!

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